Wrinkles and lines start to appear on our face as we age. This is due to multiple factors, including:

  • Facial muscle movement
  • Loss of elasticity and volume
  • Loss of moisture in the skin
  • Skin damage from UV exposure
  • Smoking

What can be done to address the problem? What treatment modalities are available? Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics possesses an arsenal of treatment modalities that is customized to each patient, including Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and radiofrequency.


Botox relaxes the muscle it is injected into, thus, smoothening out the wrinkles and lines on our face.  Areas that are commonly treated are frown and forehead lines, Crow’s feet, lip lines, wrinkles around the nose, and the “gummy smile” (when too much gum is revealed when smiling).

Botox is administered to the desired area/ muscle by a very fine needle. Local anaesthesia is usually not required, but may be provided for patient comfort. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the extent of treatment. Effects are usually seen within the week, and no downtime is required.


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Video Link:  Botox for Frown lines and Crow’s Feet



Fillers are useful for static wrinkles (ie wrinkles that are apparent even without facial movement).  With static wrinkles, fillers are administered beneath the wrinkles to smoothen and even out the depressions caused by wrinkles.

Local anaesthesia is first administered to the entry point of the area that will be filled; the filler is then administered via the entry point. Effects are seen immediately and no downtime is required.


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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels act on the superficial layer of the skin, and also remove any dead skin cells so as to improve both the texture and the appearance of the skin.  This helps improve fine wrinkles whilst making your skin look smoother, and giving it a lovely glow.

The patient’s face is first cleansed to remove any dirt and other impurities from the skin. The chemical peel is then applied, and left to sit for 2-5 minutes. Some redness will be noticeable in the treated areas, but it will subside.



With our LATEST revolutionary Venus Viva Radiofrequency machine, we are able to resurface the skin to improve wrinkles and also by stimulating collagen production. Doing so adds elasticity and volume to the face, while also providing a lifting effect. Less downtime is required as compared to conventional methods of CO2 and erbium resurfacing.

Besides skin resurfacing, our radiofrequency machine has a non-invasive function that can also stimulate collagen production and improve wrinkles.  For this procedure, a cool gel is applied to the areas that will be treated. The radiofrequency probe is then placed over the skin and the energy is transmitted. Other than feeling some heat, it is a relatively comfortable and painless procedure. No downtime is required, and effects may be seen immediately.

These procedures enables the skin to be made more even, and to have a smoother texture. In addition, it also tightens the skin (due to collagen remodelling) and causes a lifting effect.


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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

This powerful non-invasive focused ultrasound machine not only deals with wrinkles but also lifts saggy skin and tissues to help regain firmness, and that lifted and youthful look again.

It does so by stimulating collagen deep within the skin whilst also targeting the deeper areas to give the skin/ tissues a lift!

There is NO DOWNTIME associated with this procedure and results can last up to a year!


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