If you find dieting a hassle and struggling to exercise, you can consider a non-surgical option – TruSculpt ID Body Slimming Treatment.


What is the TruSculpt ID?


TruSculpt ID is a Non-Surgical body sculping and contouring treatment by world renown Cutera™. It uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells, allowing you to personalize treatment areas that require fat reduction and target pockets of fat in stubborn areas.

Armed with 7 fat-busting probes, the Trusculpt ID is now able to target larger surface areas and previously hard to reach areas of the body and double chin.

1 session takes up 15 minutes only.

Parts of the body which are suitable for TruSculpt ID:

  • Arms
  • Thighs / Legs
  • Tummy / Waist / Love Handles
  • Stubborn Double Chin



How doesTruSculpt ID work?


The Cutera’s™ patented monopolar radiofrequency technology will heat up the fat cells until they are destroyed and naturally eliminated by our body. According to research, there is an average of 24-26% fat reduction after just one treatment session.

It also features Real-Time Temperature Control for clinically proven results, safety, and patient experience. Below are the images to illustrate the different steps taken to eliminate the fat cells


Cutera’s™ patented 2 MHz Monopolar RF:  Low frequency and uniform delivery of RF technology, penetrates deep to treat the entire fat layers.


Real-Time Temperature Control:  Skin temperature is continuously monitored and energy delivery is automatically adjusted to reach and maintain a therapeutic and optimal temperature of >45ºC for fat destruction, while maintaining 3-4ºC cooler than usual skin temperature for patient comfort.

12 Weeks After truSculpt iD Treatment:  Average of 24-26% fat reduction

Fat-Heat Selectivity: Optimized energy delivery and heating enhances selective apoptosis/destruction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

An average of 24-26%% fat cells are irreversibly damaged and excreted from the body after the treatment.



What is it like and how does it feel?


The TruSculpt iD probes are placed on the areas of concern during the treatment . The treatment then commences and patients will start to feel heat from the probes.

Most of our patients have commented that it is feels like a hot-stone massage and is virtually painless. 

After the procedure, the probes are removed and some pinkish-ness may be seen and will subside over 30 mins to an hour.

You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure as there is no downtime.


What are the benefits of the TruSculpt iD?


  • Fast 15-minute treatment protocol
  • Single session correction for 24-26% Fat Reduction
  • Able to TIGHTEN loose skin as well (2 in 1 procedure): the ONLY device that can do this
  • Multiple body areas treated simultaneously
  • Safe to treat over tattoos (unlike Laser Lipolysis which is also painful) and Skin Types V & VI
  • Comfortable treatment and little/no downtime
  • High patient satisfaction (96% says it’s worth it based on US Data)


TruSculpt ID is clinically proven to cause inflammation and fat necrosis from beneath the dermis down to 1.5 cm in depth. The histological findings are complemented by clinical studies which show an average 24 – 26% fat reduction as measured by ultrasound.

Cost of TruSculpt ID

As TruSculpt is armed with 7 fat-busting probes, it gives you the flexibility to only pay for the required number of probes used. The cost per probe for 1 session is $250 (excl GST).


What is aftercare?

It is still recommended to control your diet and if possible to include some exercises at least once per week after the treatment. While the “existing fat cells” are being destroyed and eliminated from the body, it is definitely not a good idea to introduce “new fat cells”.


So.. why choose TruSculpt ID as a Body Slimming treatment?

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, we chose to offer TruSculpt ID over other body slimming treatments. Here are the reasons why:


  1. Quick Time & Proven Results:
  • It is able to provide a more dramatic result after 1 session.
  • It is the only device that can destroy Fat & Tighten Skin.
  • Most efficient Fat Reduction device to date with each session taking only 15 mins so much so that you can get it done even during your lunch break.


  1. High Comfort Level:
  • TruSculpt iD is reported to be a very comfortable process without downtime.
  • It feels like a hot stone massage during the treatment


  1. No Downtime and Side Effects
  • TruSculpt is not painful and does not cause any bruising and swelling after the procedure.
  • There is no downtime after the treatment.




For more information on how the Trusculpt iD can help you get rid of those stubborn pockets of fats, do contact us for an appointment so that Dr Ho Rui Ming can bring you through the journey of explaining how the TruSculpt iD can be personalised and what results to expect.

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