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In the recent 2-3 years, Regenera Activa has been the most discussed and recommended procedure to go for in Singapore when you experience hair loss. Hair loss is caused by many factors and can affect both the young and old. The most common type of hair loss is ‘pattern balding’ which is also known androgenetic alopecia.


What is androgenetic alopecia?


Androgenetic alopecia, also known as the genetic hair loss, is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women. Some factors which causes hair loss include hereditary, hormonal changes, ethnicity, medications and stress levels.

According to Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, 2009, losing 100 to 150 hairs per day is considered by doctors to be normal.

Cost of Regenera Activa

M-Aesthetic Clinic was one of the first few clinics in Singapore to offer the Regenera Activa hair treatment procedure and Dr Ho Rui Ming has performed hundreds of successful Regenera Activa procedures to date.


So how much does the Regenera Activa procedure cost in Singapore?

The normal price range of Regenera Activa alone should be $3,000-$4,000. In comparison to the usual Hair Transplant surgery, which can easily cost more than $10,000, Regenera Activa is more cost effective in treating hair loss.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, 1 session of Regenera Activa is at $3,000*. Repetitive sessions or packages are not needed as 1 session is good enough to show results. 1 session of Pulsed Magnetic Radiofrequency is bundled with the Regenera Activa.

The combination of Pulsed Magnetic Radiofrequency together with Regenera Activa is proven to bring better results as the waves of Pulsed Magnetic Radiofrequency are delivered into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and improve blood supply to the hair follicles.

This activates the hair follicles to regrow and strengthen resulting in stronger, thicker hair.

 *price excludes gst & consultation


Why are other places offering lower rates?

Regenera Activa which are priced at a low price, may be an imitation or parallel imported products that may not yield the same results as an authentic Regenera Activa procedure. The sterility and medical device structure may also have been compromised during transport or storage, failing to deliver results.

Thorough research and understanding on Regenera Activa are important before starting the procedure.


Understanding REGENERA ACTIVA better

Regenera Activa is a US FDA approved treatment and medically researched procedure that uses autologous micrografts obtained from your own self. 2.5mm wide grafts are painlessly harvested from the back of the scalp and these grafts contain hundreds of thousands of cells that can activate resting hair follicles.

Regenera Activa reverses ‘miniaturizing’ of the hair follicles that are affected by DHT-testosterone and genetics.

When injected into the areas of hair loss, these “micro-grafts” repair and regenerate your scalp. This helps to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and thicken/ strengthen existing hair follicles.

The result is a fuller head of hair that is denser.


Walkthrough of the procedure

Step 1: 2.5mm small samples of the scalp (ie. Grafts) are harvested painlessly from the back of the scalp.  These grafts contain the progenitor cells and growth factors that promote hair growth and thickness.


Step 2: Regenera Activa device further divides them into smaller, more absorbable portions called ‘micrografts’.  The end-product is a solution containing hundreds and thousands of these micrografts that are rich in progenitor cells and growth factors.


Step 3: The micrografts are then reintroduced to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss. The entire process takes around 45 minutes.



Any precautions to take note of right after the treatment

Avoid exercise for a week, keep the area clean and the washing of the scalp/hair should only be commenced after 24 hours post-procedure.



Regenera Activa may be costly, but comparing it with other alternatives such as Hair Transplant, or Herbal Hair Packages, Regenera Activa is indeed the most cost effective with proven results. Not to mention, bringing back your crown of confidence, which is priceless!

As hair loss can be treated more effectively in the early stages, it is always best to seek professional help when you first notice it.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho Rui Ming believes that hair loss should be tackled via all pathways – from medication, hair loss specific supplements, and treatments as this will give your hair the best fighting chance to re-grow and reverse the hair loss process.  Whatever your level of hair loss, don’t worry and leave them with us.  We will take care of your problems for you.

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