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You have recently noticed a receding hairline and thinning of hair, and you did your research. The most common solution to it is Hair Transplant Surgery, but it is costly with a long downtime, variable results and a long recovery process.


Let’s face it, not everyone is able to afford the long downtime and if you’re not up for that, you might want to consider Regenera Activa – a non-surgical autologous micro-grafts treatment, with almost zero downtime.





The Regenera Activa hair loss treatment is a US FDA approved treatment and medically researched procedure that uses autologous micrografts obtained from your own self. 2.5mm wide grafts are painlessly harvested from the back of the scalp and these grafts contain hundreds of thousands of cells that can activate resting hair follicles.


Regenera Activa reverses ‘miniaturizing’ of the hair follicles that are affected by DHT-testosterone and genetics.


When injected into the areas of hair loss, these “micro-grafts” repair and regenerate your scalp. This helps to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and thicken/ strengthen existing hair follicles.


The result is a fuller head of hair that is more dense.



What is androgenetic alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as the genetic hair loss, is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women. Some factors which causes hair loss include hereditary, hormonal changes, ethnicity, medications and stress levels.

Losing 100 to 150 hairs per day (Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, 2009) is considered by doctors to be normal.

Here are the charts to illustrate how baldness affect both genders.


The male baldness pattern

Such hair loss is due to genetics and driven by Androgen (ie. Testosterone or more specifically DiHydroTestoterone DHT).  DHT affects and damages the hair follicles causing thinner hair, decreased hair growth/length and eventually loss of hair.

If one has a strong family history of hair loss, they are more susceptible to be subjected to Androgenetic Alopecia. It is important to recognise this condition early so that preventative medical treatment can be carried out to prevent further regression of the condition.


The female baldness pattern

FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss) is androgenetic alopecia that occurs in females usually after menopause. Although less common than Male Pattern Hair Loss, approximately 40% of women do experience hair loss by the time they are 50 years of age.

It is a progressive condition although spurts of excessive hair loss may be experienced within a few months. Typically, there is general thinning of the hair and hair loss occurs commonly over the crown of the head.

Treatment is aimed at slowing and stopping the progression via topical and oral medications, and to promote hair growth through machine-based devices.

Here is the norm that happens in our body : 

Understanding the hair cycle :


Anagen Phase: Active growing phase (85% of hair and lasts 3 – 6 years)

Catagen phase: Growth stops (1 – 5% of hair and lasts 3 weeks)

Telogen phase: Resting phase where hair is getting ready to be shed (10% of hair and lasts up to 4 months)



What Results Can I Expect With Regenera Activa®?

Clinical studies and reviews show improvements in hair density, hair counts and scalp coverage as early as 1 month after the Regenera Activa procedure. There is also improved thickness of existing hair and growth of new hair over the next 12 months.


Great results are achieved when used in combination with other hair loss treatments.


Who is it for?


Regenera Activa is suitable for both genders, who do not wish to go through surgery and can’t afford a long downtime. Treatment can also be carried out on individuals who are looking to be pregnant, as no side effects are known to occur after. Regenera Activa also provides effective results for individuals who do not require total hair transplant and are experiencing local hair loss only.


Who is not suitable for Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa has the best results and works well if there are pre-existing hairs in the treatment area. It is not advised for telogen effluvium (rapid hair shedding) cases due to other causes. If the area is bald or experiencing advanced hair loss, it will not be effective.


Based on the chart:

Stages 1-3: Ideal with best results

Stages 4-5: Ideal with good results

Stages 6-7: Not ideal 


What should you expect during the procedure?


Step 1: Small samples of the scalp (ie. Grafts) which are 2.5mm wide are harvested painlessly from the back of the scalp.  These grafts contains the progenitor cells and growth factors that promotes hair growth and thickness.


Step 2: Regenera Activa device further divides them into smaller, more absorbable portions called ‘micrografts’.  The end-product is a solution containing hundreds and thousands of these micrografts that are rich in progenitor cells and growth factors.


Step 3: The micrografts are then reintroduced to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss. The entire process takes around 45 minutes.


Can the Regenera Activa be Combined with other Hair Treatments?


Yes it can combined with other hair treatments such as the use of low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) (eg. iGrow home device), hair growth supplements and anti-hair loss shampoos.


It is recommended for patients to continue their dosage of DHT-blockers (finasteride) after their Regenera Activa treatment.


Any precautions to take note right after the treatment

Avoid exercise for a week, keep the area clean and the washing of the scalp / hair should only be commenced after 24 hours post-procedure.



Is Regenera compatible with Hair Transplant?

Yes, hair follicles remaining in the recipient area can enjoy the benefits of Regenera Activa treatment.

For more info, view our video:

When should you start the Regenera Activa procedure?

As soon as you start noticing an increase in hair loss and hair thinning (Stage 1-2 of hair loss). As wise men always say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is important to start early and don’t delay treatment lest it be too late.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho Rui Ming believes that hair loss should be tackled via all pathways – from medication, supplements, and treatments as this will give your hair the best fighting chance to re-grow and reverse hair loss.  Whatever your level of hair loss, don’t worry and leave them with us.  We will take care of your problems for you.


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