Most people have considered one plastic surgery or another. When it comes to facial surgeries, a large number of people lean towards nose jobs. Whether it’s an unsightly bump or protruding tip, there are a number of reasons to adjust the shape of your nose.

If you’re of the mind to give this surgery a try, don’t rush into it. Surgery is a large commitment that can’t be undone. Before you decide to go under the knife, take the time to consider some things that could make you rethink this potential (permanent) solution.

1. Surgeons Vary in Skill

It might seem obvious, but not all surgeons are the same. If you’re going to trust someone to do serious construction on your face, you’re going to want to be sure they have the necessary expertise.

Before you commit to a procedure, do your research and look into the past work of various doctors. You’ll want to see how they go about performing these surgeries and what results they’ve currently produced for their patients. If a lot of people are unhappy with their surgeries and/or the end results, you might want to keep looking.

2. Results Take Time

Post-surgery recovery is rough. Your body is going to be focused on healing, which means your face is going to be purple with bruises and very swollen.

At first, you won’t even be able to tell what your nose actually looks like beneath all of that. You may not even like what you see during this period. Most of the swelling and bruising will dissipate after four to six weeks, but that’s quite a long time to wait in anticipation. In order to get results, you’ll have to be patient.

3. Success Is Subjective

Once the swelling goes down, you’ll be able to see what your new nose looks like and how it fits in with the rest of your facial features. The difference between your “before” and “after” could be minimal, and not everyone will notice the change at first. Ultimately, it’ll be up to you to determine whether the surgery ended up giving you the changes you wanted.

There have been some studies to show the satisfaction rates after a nose jobs. Around 8 out of 10 are satisfied. Take this with a pinch of salt!

4. There Are Risks

As with any surgery, there are plenty of risks involved. You are, after all, having someone alter a vital part of your face. Some of the risks include bleeding, skin problems, and infection. It’s important to not only be aware of the risks but to discuss them with your chosen surgeon.

5. You Have Other Options

One of the most important things to consider is the fact that surgery isn’t your only option. There are other procedures available to you that are less invasive and don’t involve serious recovery.

Aesthetic doctors specialize quick, non-surgical procedures with minimal side-effects.  in If you’re looking to heighten and straighten your nose, consider getting a nose thread lift instead.

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As a part of this procedure, polydixanone (or PDO) threads are inserted into the nose to act as additional structure. These threads immediately enhance the nose’s shape, giving the patient a higher bridge and a straighter profile. Surgery is only one of your options. Think about alternatives like nose thread lifts before making your final decision.

If inserting threads is not appealing to you, another popular alternative is to get nose fillers.

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