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  Secrets to fuller hair

It’s common for everyone to experience hair loss, whether it is caused genetically or by other factors such as stress or lifestyle changes. The good news is that hair loss can be controlled and prevented if early preventive measures are taken.

There are many medical procedures in the market BUT the most popular and newest procedure is the Regenera Activa treatment.


What is Regenera Activa?


secrets to thicker hair

Regenera Activa uses autologous micrografts (made up of your own cells) to stimulate the regenerative process of renewing and growing new hair. It is a medically researched procedure from Spain and studies have shown that hair regrowth and thickening can be seen as early as 1-month post treatment.

Regenera Activa is a non-surgical procedure which has very minimal downtime as compared to a Hair Transplant Surgery.


How does it work?


Grafts containing hair stimulating growth factors are obtained from the back of your scalp.  The precision engineered Regenera Activa device divides the Grafts into smaller, more absorbable portions called ‘micrografts’ into a suspension solution. 

These Micrografts are rich in nutrients and growth factors that can stimulate the hair follicles to regrow, thicken and multiply.

Regenera Activa reverses ‘miniaturizing’ of the hair follicles that are affected by DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) and Genetics. Our team will then prepare the micrografts to be reintroduced to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss.

The Micrografts go to work immediately to reactivate weakened hair follicles by increasing the work rate of these follicles and stimulate new blood vessel formation to nourish these hair follicles that are now working harder.


What happens during the treatment?

  hair regeneration treatment

Regenera Activa is a comfortable 3-step procedure which takes approximately 60 minutes.

Step 1: Local anaesthesia is applied at the back of the scalp and with the use of a punch biopsy tool, scalp samples containing follicular units are taken with a diameter of 2.5mm each.

Step 2: The samples collected are then subjected to mechanical processing and filtration in a specialized device to isolate progenitor cells, stem cells and growth factors, all of which have regenerative abilities.

Step 3: The suspension solution prepared is then reintroduced to the area of the scalp which requires treatment using fine tiny needles. This initiates the process of hair growth, the repair process and stimulates blood vessel formation and regeneration of hair follicles.


Results patients can expect

  M Aesthetic hair regeneration treatment

It depends from individual to individual, with age and genetic input (number of genes for this pathology which may determine the speed and the extent of alopecia) as factors to determine the results.

Patients may observe new baby hair growth as soon as within the first month, and towards the 4th Month, patients can observe improvement in quality, number of hair strands and greater hair density.

Patients are advised to take good care of the scalp area. At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho usually recommends that patients consume hair loss specific medications and supplements to ensure optimal results.

Results are expected to last up to 1.5 to 2 years.  



Is Regenera Activa safe?

There is minimal to no downtime with this procedure.

Regenera Activa has gone through extensive clinical trials across the world and has achieved US FDA and the European Conformity (CE) approval. These ratings assure patients of its safety and effectiveness.


Precautions to take after going through Regenera Activa procedure.

Here are some precautions that patients should follow:

  • Do not wash hair for at least 24 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid exercising for 5 days
  • Avoid swimming, sea activities for a week.


Are there any contraindications?

Yes there are and these include:

  • Other forms of baldness other than androgenetic alopecia
  • Systemic or local dermatological diseases or infection
  • Cancer and autoimmune diseases
  • Hair loss with a psychological background


Can Regenera Activa be combined with other related treatments?

Yes it can be combined with other hair loss treatments. At M-Aesthetic Clinic, we offer other non-surgical treatments such as Pulsed Magnetic Radiofrequency & Thulium PDRN Hair Regeneration Treatment, which encourages new hair growth, thickening of the hair and preventing hair loss.




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