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Tattoo Removal Treatment

M Aesthetic Tattoo Removal


Remove tattoos using Pico Pro Max Laser Treatment. 


Tattoos are permanent, but with a change of mindset, patients sometimes fall out of love with their tattoos and wish to get them removed. Regardless of the reason and purpose, Dr Ho Rui Ming is committed to supporting individuals in the fresh start that they desire.

Tattoos can be removed by using our Pico Pro Max Laser treatment to target the coloured pigments of the tattoo. Leveraging its technology, this procedure delivers high-energy nanosecond pulses that effectively target and break down tattoo pigments into smaller particles. The treatment’s versatility provides the option to utilise four wavelengths within a single system, enabling the removal of a wide spectrum of pigment colours.

By employing larger spot sizes with elevated energy levels, even deeply embedded pigmented structures can be reached, resulting in efficient tattoo elimination in a reduced number of sessions. As the body’s natural immune response gradually flushes out the fragmented pigments, your skin’s original clarity, and smoothness will gradually emerge, revealing a clean canvas.

Our Pico Pro Max laser provides an effective tattoo removal solution, offering precision, innovation, and minimising downtime. With its ability to generate enhanced photoacoustic shockwaves, it accelerates the tattoo removal process, delivering effective results. Say goodbye to unwanted ink and embrace the confidence of clear, tattoo-free skin today.




  • Safe & effective even more resistant/ stubborn tattoos
  • Minimal recovery times
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Controlled, accurate & precise treatment
  • No anaesthesia required
  • Long lasting results

Improves skin texture and tone

How does it work?


Involves 3 simple steps:

  1. It targets the tattoo pigment that is present in the skin.
  2. The pigment absorbs the laser’s energy and becomes scattered into tiny powder-like particles.
  3. It is then naturally eliminated by the body.

Pico Max Pro Laser for Effective Tattoo Removal (including Resistant/ Stubborn Tattoos)


Maximum Efficacy Through Enhanced Energy Levels

This Pico Laser technology generates very high-energy Pico-second pulses, a mechanism that proves highly effective in eliminating various tattoo types.

By employing larger spot sizes along with significantly elevated energy levels, the laser can penetrate deeper layers of pigmented structures, allowing for their efficient and thorough removal.

This innovative approach not only amplifies the effectiveness of laser treatments but also streamlines the process by achieving substantial outcomes with each session.

At 300 picoseconds and 2.7 Gigawatts of Pico power being generated, this makes the Fotona PQX Pico Laser able to effectively target resistant and stubborn tattoos as well.


Why is Pico Max Pro Laser Ideal for Tattoo Removal?

The Pico Laser technology ensures effective and safe pigmentation and tattoo removal:

  • Power:  At 300 picoseconds and 2.7 Gigawatts, high powered Pico energy is able to smash pigment particles into powder-sized bits so that they can be removed effectively from our skin.   
  • Precision: Its’ multi-wavelength system allows for precise targeting of pigment clusters and tattoo ink.
  • Minimized Risk: The laser’s energy selectively targets pigments and ink, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding skin.
  • Minimal Discomfort: The Fotona PQX Laser’s advanced design minimizes discomfort during treatment, ensuring a more comfortable experience.


Versatile Solution for Multicoloured Tattoo Removal

With a range of wavelengths, effectively catering to the broad spectrum of commonly employed pigment colours. Its very short energy pulses shatter tattoo pigments into minuscule particles, which are subsequently cleared from the body by its natural immune response.

Most tattoo procedures are brief, typically spanning a few minutes, yet complete removal generally necessitates several sessions. To ensure optimum clearance, intervals of 3-4 weeks between treatments facilitate the body’s elimination of residual pigments.


Innovative Technology for Safer and More Precise Outcomes

The technology’s laser beam profile uniformity plays a pivotal role in elevating the safety of treatments, as it guarantees the even distribution of laser energy across the treated area.

This approach minimizes potential harm to the epidermis and substantially reduces risks such as bleeding, tissue scattering, and transient textural changes.

The laser technology features such as patented OPTOflex® and Vacuum Cell Technologies. These innovations work in harmony to create an almost flawless beam profile, resulting in treatments that are both safer and more efficacious.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pico Pro Max Laser for Tattoo Removal 

How does Pico Pro Max tattoo removal laser treatment work?

It utilises high-energy nanosecond pulses to break down tattoo pigments into smaller particles. These particles are then naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system, resulting in the gradual fading and removal of the tattoo.

Is the the laser treatment painful?

The procedure is generally well-tolerated, with most patients describing it as having mild discomfort similar to the sensation of a rubber band against the skin. Topical numbing creams can be applied before the treatment to minimise any potential discomfort.

How many sessions are needed for complete tattoo removal?

 The number of sessions required depends on various factors, including the size, colour, and depth of the tattoo. On average, patients may need several sessions spaced a few weeks apart to achieve optimal results. For a more accurate assessment, we recommend a consultation with our medical professionals. 

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects include temporary redness and swelling. These effects are usually short-lived and subside within a few days after the treatment.

Can all tattoo colors be removed using Pico Pro Max Laser?

Pico Max Pro Laser offers multiple wavelengths, making it effective for treating a wide range of tattoo colours.

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