M Aesthetic Nose Filler vs Nose Threadlift


Apart from getting a surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty), nose fillers in Singapore is one of the most popular treatments in the medical aesthetics field. Not only has it been garnering interest around the world because one can achieve a better nose profile and shape instantly, it also requires minimal to almost no downtime as compared to surgery.

Nose fillers can help in augmenting the height of one’s nose bridge and lifting the tip, enhancing the beauty angles of the nose as well as one’s frontal and side profiles. In addition, nose fillers can also help to create an illusion of a slimmer face.



Nose fillers are usually made up of Hyaluronic Acid as it is known for its excellent safety profile. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in many areas of the body including the joints, skin and eyes, and can hold 1000x its weight in water. Because it is highly hydrophilic, it gives the skin moisture, volume, elasticity, helps to maintain shape, and also even out depressions in the skin. But as one ages, HA gets depleted thereby causing a loss in facial volume and wrinkles to form.



As technology advanced, there is now another option for a non-surgical nose job  – the Nose Threadlift, or also known as HIKO Nose Thread Lift.

The HIKO Nose Thread Lift is especially popular in South Korea where a HIKO nose lift is a quick yet effective treatment to give your nose that extra height and lift, perfect for many Asian noses, which usually lacks height and projection. It is a very quick procedure, hence gaining its nickname: the  ‘lunch time nose-job”.

What is HIKO Nose Threadlift?


HIKO means…

Hi –High

Ko – Nose


Literally translated, Hiko means high nose. In medical terms, threads are inserted to lift the nose. This procedure is most effective in letting you design your dream nose – with the perfect profile and shape that works for you. If you’re aiming at having a sharper nose bridge, this is what you need.

In addition to this, it is a NON-SURGICAL rhinoplasty that is achieved with threads with minimal to no downtime as compared to a surgical nose implant.

It is the union between surgical implants and dermal fillers.

Here are the benefits:

  • Results seen after the procedure!
  • Quick
  • Little to no downtime
  • Does not have the associative potential side effects of fillers i.e. spread, lumpiness, migration of filler



M Aesthetic Clinic Nose Filler vs Nose Threadlift

Bridge: Give a higher and more defined nose bridge

Body of the nose: Give it more height

Tip: Lift the tip of the nose to give it more definition (nicer nose tip)


What kind of threads are used in the Nose Thread Lift procedure?

PDO or Polydioxanone threads are used for this procedure. This is a very safe material that is used for surgery amongst other medical procedures.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho Rui Ming uses threads which are THICKER and lined with COGS as they provide MORE structure, support and lift to the area of the nose that is being treated.

PDO is inserted into the treatment areas and under the skin, stimulating collagen production and activating skin tissue. Patients can also achieve a tightening effect from the inside and out because the skin tissues will generate new collagen and fibroblasts.

How does HIKO Nose Threadlift work?


To understand how it works, we have a video of the procedure. 



Both Nose Fillers and the Nose Threadlift help in augmenting the nose bridge and tip, however, one might be confused as to whether a Nose Filler or a Nose Threadlift is better for themselves. There are a lot of discussions on which is better, but allow us to map out the differences between a Nose Thread Lift and Nose Filler, and which procedure is better depending on certain conditions.


At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho takes into account every individual’s unique facial characteristics and goals before recommending the procedure.


The table below illustrates the benefits and the suitability of the treatment based on the characteristics of the nose.






●      Able to lift the nose tip

●      Increase height of the nose bridge

●      Improvement in nose contour

●      Minimal downtime

●      Achieve a slimmer nose bridge

●      Achieve better definition of the nose

●      Reduce width of the nose

●      Stimulates the production of collagen in nose

●      Able to lift nose tip

●      Give height to the nose bridge

●      Minimal to no downtime

●      Gives experienced injectors the ability to sculpt the nose precisely the way you want it

●      HA filler injection can be reversed with Hyalase injection


●      Soreness for a few days after treatment

●      It is not reversible but threads will be absorbed over time

●      May cause skin necrosis and even visual impairment (albeit uncommon)

●      May spread and make the nose wider

Ideal for

●      Nose that is slightly off-centre

●      Nose with low and ill-defined bridge

●      Nose with poor nose tip angle


●      Flat nose bridge

●      Ill-defined nose tip

●      Small refinements of the nose



●      Lasts up to 18 months. Stimulation of collagen will help with slight augmentation in the nose.

●      Results lasts up to 24 months, using Juvederm Fillers.


●      After 18 months, the threads are broken down. Collagen is formed and stimulated by the PDO threads so the results may be even better than before/baseline.

●      After 24 months, nose shape returns to original shape when the fillers are reabsorbed by the body.


●      Doctor’s expertise: This is considered an advanced procedure and it takes skill for the nose thread lift to look natural and to prevent complications

●      Type of threads used: Thinner threads will not produce the height and lift that is required

●      Right placement and position of the threads

●      Number of threads used

●      Doctor’s expertise: This is considered an advanced procedure and how the filler is injected is important to prevent side effects such as skin necrosis and even visual impairment.

●      Right amount of fillers. Too much fillers will cause the nose bridge to broaden.


●      From $599 for unlimited threads

●      From $780 per cc

However, the Nose Thread Lift and Nose Fillers are not suitable for individuals who have the following conditions:

  • Active skin infection or inflammation
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Have gone for a rhinoplasty
  • Are looking to change the entire appearance of your nose completely or fix a nasal deformity



 Nose Filler vs Nose Threadlift


Nose Fillers & the HIKO Nose Threadlift can be combined for best results.

Both procedures have their own pros and cons. One may be better for a certain group of patients whereas the other may be better for other groups of patients. One may combine these two procedures to give optimal results.

When considering a nose filler or a nose thread lift as an option to augment and reshape the nose, ensure that you go to an experienced doctor.

M-Aesthetic offers both HIKO Nose Thread Lift and Nose Filler procedures. Dr Ho Rui Ming recognizes that everyone’s skin and profile is different and therefore requires personalized care.

Customized treatment programs are formulated to address your beauty concerns and the most appropriate treatment program that will benefit you the most will only be recommended.



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