Medisculpt Body Toning Treatment

M Aesthetic BB Laser
M Aesthetic BB Laser

Sculpt Your Body with Medisculpt Body Toning

Medisculpt Body Toning from renown Biotec Italia is a non-invasive treatment that uses Focused Electro-Magnetic (EM) technology to stimulate muscle contractions and increase blood flow to different muscle areas, promoting muscle growth and strengthening.

With its’ patented ShiftPulse Technology, multiple DIFFERENT PULSES of EM energy is emitted to ensure optimal muscle recruitment and enhancement.

With consistent treatment sessions, individuals can experience improvement in core strength and muscle definition & tone.

This helps individuals regain their body confidence by resulting in a more toned and contoured physique.

As a non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime required, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately following their treatment.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore, we choose to offer Medisculpt Body Toning as it focusing on long-lasting results by strengthening and stabilising the targeted muscles using FDA-approved technology.


The benefits of Medisculpt Body Slimming:

–  Improving core strength

–  Muscle toning and contouring

–  Treats Diastasis Recti

–  Experience reduced back pain

–  Improved posture

–  Increased overall physical function

–  Regain body confidence

–  Comfortable treatment

–  No Downtime

Body areas can be treated with Medisculpt

–  Abdomen

–  Buttocks

–  Biceps and Triceps

–  Inner and Outer Thighs, Front and Back Thighs

–  Calves

–  Pelvic Floor muscles


M Aesthetic BB Laser

How does it work?

Featuring Focused Electro-Magnetic energy to induce muscle contractions, which is not achievable with voluntary movements.

For every session of Medisculpt Body Toning, the following are engaged:

Muscle: Strengthening of the deep core muscles
Tissue: Regeneration of the connective tissue
Skin: Remodelling of the collagen network to strengthen the skin layer

During the treatment

1. The patient must take off all jewellery and clothes with metal before the treatment. The treated region is applied to using specialized applicators, which must be left exposed. A band that serves as a fastening secures them.

2. The parameters selected by the doctor are followed during therapy and controls the procedure’s intensity to let it build up over time to a comfortable level.

3. The process takes 30 minutes to complete.

4. The time between procedures is 2–3 days, and the doctor decides how many are necessary during the consultation.

5. Patients will experience regular muscular contractions during the process, exactly like one would experience during a workout.

6. After the treatment, it is normal to experience a little muscular soreness, the same feeling after a workout.

During each 30 minutes session, the focused electromagnetic stimulation brings up to 40,000 strong muscular contractions.

That’s approximately 20,000 sit ups in 30 minutes if we are targeting the abdominal muscles.



Understanding Medisculpt Technology


Automatic variation of the Focused Electro-Magnetic pulse. Each individual programme emits pulses with different signals, frequencies and stimulation parameters. The muscle is thus subjected through different phases of contractile stimulation, producing maximum muscle recruitment and avoiding habituation.



The Reflex technology in the applicator develops up to 2.5T of power, creating polarisation and depolarisation of the muscle concerned, thus promoting contractile stimulation in 100% of the muscle mass.



MEDISCULPT applicators, with their carefully designed structure and
shape for maximum efficiency, provide a homogeneous field across their entire cross-section and have the advantage of being cooled by the fluid flowing through them, ensuring longevity and efficiency of the technology.

Other key facts:

– Up to four different areas can be treated in the same session..
– Short treatment times.
– Immediate resumption of normal daily activities.
– Comfort and safety during treatment.
– Personalized Programs.
– Simultaneous toning and fat reduction of the treated area.
– ACE, cooling of the applicators by means of fluid.



Why Choose M-Aesthetic Clinic?

10+ Years of Experience

Trusted by 10,000+ Patients

Safe & Proven Results

Frequently Asked Questions about Medisculpt Body Toning

Is the Medisculpt Body Toning treatment safe?

Medisculpt is comfortable, without any unpleasant sensations, no side effects and no downtime. 

How many sessions are required?

Following a thorough evaluation, the number of sessions will be recommended, tailored to each patient’s needs. 

Is Medisculpt Body Toning painful?

Medisculpt Body Toning is a non-invasive procedure and is generally not painful. Patients may experience mild discomfort during the treatment, but it is typically well-tolerated. After the treatment, some patients may experience mild soreness or muscle fatigue, which should subside within a few days.

How soon can I see results from Medisculpt Body Toning?

Results from Medisculpt Body Toning can vary depending on the individual and the treatment plan. Some patients may see improvement in the treated area after the first session, while others may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. It is important to follow the recommended treatment plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle to see the best results.

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