In recent years, a slimmer jaw line has been much sought after because of its perceived elegance and feminine beauty.  This is especially so with the explosion of the K-POP wave worldwide where almost all the KPOP idols have that slim V-shape jaw line.

M Aesthetic Tips to Slim Jaw

(K-POP idol with a slim jaw)

A broad jaw or square jaw is actually quite common amongst Koreans and Southern Chinese (majority of Singaporeans being descendants of the Southern Chinese).  If you’re thinking that you would have to go under the knife to reduce that square jaw of yours, think again… Because attaining that slimmer jaw is actually alot simpler than you think!

M Aesthetic Clinic Tips to Slim Jaw

One of the reasons of a broad jaw is that of a thick masseter muscle (highlighted above).  It is a big muscle that is situated in the region of the jaw where it is widest.  Its main function is that of chewing.  By shrinking this muscle, bone remodelling also occurs and the resultant effect is a slimmer jaw line.

Just in case you’re wondering whether you won’t be able to chew anymore, do not worry… because we have other facial muscles intact that are also meant for chewing!


How do we shrink this thick jaw muscle?

The method of choice would be botox.  Botox is carefully administered into this muscle to shrink it.  The procedure itself takes less than 5 mins and results can be seen as early as 4 weeks.

There is no downtime associated with this procedure and it is a relatively comfortable procedure.


Tips to minimize thickening of this jaw muscle?

1)  Try to minimise eating foods that are hard and sticky e.g. nuts, chewing gum etc

2)  Minimise foods/ drinks that contain caffeine and stimulants as these may promote teeth clenching

3)  Cut back on alcohol:  sometimes alcohol can cause people to grind their teeth unknowingly

4)  Stop bad habits of biting/ chewing on non-food objects such as pens/ pencils


Example of a square jaw

(Arch Facial Plast Surg 2004)

Example of a square jaw

(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2005)


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