Lasers deliver precise beams of light energy that target chromophores (light absorbing components) in the skin to achieve a desired effect. With our lasing system, a multitude of conditions can be treated with precision.




Pigmentation of the skin is a common problem, especially in tropical locations such as Singapore. A major contributing factor is exposure to UV radiation from the sun, resulting in an increased production of pigment in the skin.

Common conditions include melasma, freckles, age spotsnevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus.

These can be adequately treated with the utilization of customized tropical creams, oral brightening medications, with our pigment specific laser etc.  The downtime depends on the procedure that was performed and can range from a few days to none at all.

The laser is able to selectively target pigment in the skin to improve unwanted pigmented lesions.


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Rejuvenation & Pore Tightening


As we age, lax and saggy skin is one of the greatest fears we have to face, due to the loss of elasticity in our skin, the loss of collagen, and the loss of volume. At M-Aesthetics, we are able to stimulate collagen production, and rejuvenate the skin! Our procedures will also tighten the pores to give skin a smoother look, and a homogenous texture.




Acne outbreaks are a bane to deal with, and they affect a person both outside and in. Not only unsightly, acne spots can leave behind scars that are difficult to remove. Our unique laser specifically targets inflammatory acne and post-acne erythema to eradicate active acne. In doing so, redness of the skin caused by acne will also be reduced, as will sebum production, the main cause of an acne outbreak. Acne scars are resurfaced with our radiofrequency technology to produce smoother and softer skin like never before!




Melasma is a common skin problem that causes brown patches on the face. Such unsightly pigmentation can be easily remedied with careful administration of laser energy in combination with our other specialised treatment options. Aside from melasma, M-Aesthetics is also able to treat a host of other pigmentation-related conditions with our wide array of equipment and technology.



Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars occur because of abnormal wound healing. These scars are thick, and may cause itching and tenderness. Other than the conventional treatment of steroid injection, we have a unique combination to give you the results you desire!

Tattoo Removal


For tattoo removal, it is inevitable that multiple sessions will be required. However, our lasers are still more than capable of targeting the tattoo pigments embedded in the skin, and removing them. Unfortunately, green colored ink is not amendable to the laser. The individual sessions will be a month or so apart, and it takes a few days to recover from each session.

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