Large Pores Treatment

laser pore tightening


Large pores are unsightly, and give skin an uneven and dull look. Pores can be tightened with the combined treatment of our BB Laser, by resurfacing the skin with the Venus VIVA Radiofrequency Nano-technology and by the utilisation of chemical peels. Repeated treatment is necessary for optimal results. 


What are the causes of large pores?

  1. Genetics
  2. Acne scarring
  3. Loss of collagen and elasticity
  4. Accumulation of sebum and dirt that stretches the pore


What are the Pore Minimizer Treatments available?

Skin Lasers

Our  BB Laser is not only excellent at minimising pores but also brightens and whitens the skin!

The BB Laser works by regenerating new skin and collagen, thereby, giving added support to the pores and minimising the size of the pores.  

In addition to shrinking pores, the BB Laser also smoothens the skin and improves the overall texture of the skin.

Anaesthetic cream is first applied to ensure comfort, and then the area is treated with the laser to tighten pores. The treatment takes about 15-30 minutes and is a very comfortable process. After the procedure, you may feel like you have a sunburn but this will usually subside in a few hours.

Results can be seen as early as  1 – 2 weeks! BB Laser is suitable for all skin tones and sensitive skin too.

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Venus Viva Nano-technology Radiofrequency

The Venus Viva is another excellent method to shrink pores and smoothen the texture of the skin.

With its unique Nano-technology, Radiofrequency energy is delivered precisely, evenly and minimised any down time! Since the energy is delivered to the inner layers of the skin, this helps to minimise downtime. In fact, you can continue your daily activities right after the procedure and continue wearing makeup after one day.

After applying an anaesthetic cream, the area is treated with the Venus Viva, which takes approximately 15-30 minutes. The radiofrequency probe will then be used to create micro-columns of heat within the layers of the skin so as to regenerate the skin, shrink the pores and stimulate collagen! After the procedure, your skin may be flushed but this should subside after several hours.

Results can be seen as early as 1 – 2 weeks! The results will continue to improve for a few months after the treatment as your skin continues producing collagen. Venus Viva is suitable for all skin types.

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Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can also be utilised to refine pores and to smoothen and brighten the skin. Treatment takes around 15 minutes and there is no downtime. It is also sometimes referred to as a “lunch time peel” because you are in and out of the clinic in no time at all but with better looking skin! You might feel a slight tingling sensation when the chemical is on your skin.

If you have been prescribed isotretinoin medication in the past twelve months, or have a history of keloids or cold sores, chemical peels may not be suitable for you. Also, deep wrinkles and saggy skin do not benefit much from chemical peels. You should let your dermatologist know your skin concern so he can propose suitable treatments.


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