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Nose Thread Lift

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Besides a V-Shape face, the nose is another area where threads can be used to augment, enhance and shape the contours of the nose.  This is especially popular in Korea where a HIKO nose thread lift is a quick yet effective treatment to give your nose that extra height and lift!

In addition to this, it is a NON-SURGICAL rhinoplasty that is achieved with threads with minimal to no downtime as compared to a surgical nose implant.


What areas of the nose can a Nose Thread Lift be used for?

  • Bridge: Give a higher and more defined nose bridge
  • Body of the nose: Give it more height
  • Tip: Lift the tip of the nose to give it more definition


What kind of threads are used?

PDO or Polydioxanone threads are used for this procedure.  This is a very safe material that is used for cardiac surgery amongst other medical procedures.

In addition to the material, very SPECIFIC and UNIQUE HIKO nose threads that are used by our Singapore medical professional Dr Ho Rui Ming are THICKER and lined with COGS so as to provide MORE structure, support and lift for the area of the nose to be treated.


What are the advantages of this procedure?

  • Immediate results!
  • Quick
  • Little to no downtime
  • Does not have the associative potential side effects of fillers i.e. spread, lumpiness, migration of filler


How long can it last?

Results can last anywhere from 1.5 – 2 years!


Are all nose thread lifts the same?

Several factors have to be taken into account when planning one of these non-surgical procedures, including:

  • Doctor’s expertise
  • Type of threads used: thinner threads will not produce the height and lift that is required
  • Right placement and position of the threads
  • Number of threads used


How is the procedure performed?

Topical and local anaesthetic will be administered to ensure maximum comfort.  Following which, there will be one entry point at the tip of the nose where the threads will be inserted.


Is it a safe procedure? What are the side effects?

Common side effects are limited to the point of injection such as redness and a little bit of swelling that usually resolves within a couple of days.

This is considered an advanced procedure and should be performed only by a medical professional.  Having been trained by the Korean Masters of this procedure, you can be rest assured that you will be kept in the safe hands of our doctor.


Take a look at this video link to find out more: Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift

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