Jawline & Chin Sculpting with Juvederm Volux 

Achieve a more defined jawline and chin with Juvederm Volux

As one gets older, several things can cause a change in the shape of  the lower face.

These include:

–  Saggy skin

–  Descent of fat pads

–  Bone resorption

–  Laxity of facial ligaments 

Repetitive facial expressions over the years can also affect the way chins and jawlines change. 

Beauty is often described using three key tenets: Symmetry, Balance and Harmony. To achieve a good balance and harmony between the lower face and upper face, jawline and chin sculpting using Juvederm Volux will help.  

Juvederm Volux, the evolution in the facial filler treatment is the latest hyaluronic acid injectable gel in the Juvederm range of fillers that uses the patented VYCROSS® technology and is specifically formulated to Sculpt, Restore and create Volume to re-define the jawline.

According to an Allergan research, it shows that 51% (n = 870) of people want to change their lower face shape. In other research, women report the ideal lower face shape is a symmetrical, ‘oval’ shape with good proportion, which provides a defined jaw line with clear definition between the neck and chin area.

How is Juvederm Volux different from other fillers?

Containing the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm Volux is able to provide more projection and more contouring for the jawline and chin area, than any other treatment.

Juvederm Volux lasts more than 24 months. The high concentration content of Hyaluronic Acid promotes younger-looking, revived skin. Thanks to the collagen it stimulates, it restores the skin as it lifts. This is an innovation in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation treatments.

It also contains anaesthetic to enhance the patient’s comfort throughout the treatment.

Why does one need Juvederm Volux? 

Many people start to lose definition around the chin, neck and jawline area, often changing the shape of the face as they get older. The appearance of saggy jowls will create the “heavy appearance” in the lower face and this causes imbalance between the lower face and upper face. 

Juvederm Volux is a non-surgical method that can sculpt the jawline, replace volume in sunken areas so that the jawline appears tauter and more defined.  Juvederm Volux was designed solely for this purpose:  Re-Defining the saggy jowls and Strengthening the existing jawline.

Frequently Asked Questions About jawline & chin sculpting


Topical/ local anaesthesia is first administered to the chin & jawline area so as to ensure maximum comfort; the Juvederm Volux is then administered via an entry point.  There are many layers of the skin but Juvederm Volux has to be specifically placed in the deep layers of the skin to ensure optimal results.


There will be a little bit of discomfort and tightness after the procedure. Reactions can include; redness, slight swelling and tightness at the injection location and may happen immediately after the needle injection. These reactions are generally mild to moderate and usually disappear shortly after injection and are usually resolved a few days after the injection into the skin.


You may feel a slight discomfort and pressure whilst the filler is being injected into the face, but we minimise this by applying numbing cream before treatment. Our fillers do contain a pre-mixed local anaesthetic to provide further relief and to alleviate as much pain as possible.


As Juvederm Volux is still moldable within the first few hours of injection, and up to a few days, it is not recommended to massage the area too hard before it has fully settled.

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