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 According to a study in the US, there was a negative impact on the self confidence of 71% of those with Acne Scars and up to 66% have felt frustrated and angry because of their Acne Scars.

This article will explain the options of Acne Scar treatments – medical treatments & home remedies available to smoothen your skin and combat these Acne Scars


What are the types of Acne Scars?

Acne Scars generally exist in 2 forms:

  1. Depressed Acne Scar (indented): when there is a loss of tissue and tethering of the scar on the skin surface results in an indentation on the surface of the skin
  2. Hypertrophic Acne Scar (raised): skin stimulates collagen during the healing phase of acne but over-stimulation of collagen will result in raised scars.

The diagram below illustrates the different types of acne scars.

Acne Scar

Most of us will experience a combination of different Acne Scars so it is best to consult with an experienced medical professional to get a better understanding, understand the type of Acne Scars and get a suitable customised Acne Scar Removal programme tailored to you.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Ho Rui Ming specialises in removing Acne Scars and we have the full range of acne scar removal treatments to treat all kinds of acne scars; raised and red, flat, pigmented or depressed.


Acne Scar Removal Treatments  (Medical Treatments)

1. Subscision

A manual method where the tissue is manually released by using a needle to loosen the scar tissue beneath the skin.

This method is sometimes essential in treating certain scar types and is commonly used in combination with other treatment modalities to optimise results.

Subscision may look simple but it is a manual method that really requires good technique. When done correctly, it can yield effective results so be sure to seek a medical professional for this treatment.

First, an anaesthetic is administered to the area that is to be treated to ensure maximum comfort. Then, the scar is released by loosening the scar tissue beneath it via a needle.

The process takes around 30 mins, is comfortable and there is minimal downtime.

Best for:  Dense, thick Scars that are tethered down.

Often combined with eCO2 Fractional Laser

Price: Starts from $650 per session, excluding gst.



This is a technique where very high concentration TCA acid is carefully applied to each acne scars to “fill” up the depression and make the acne scar less depressed.  This technique is especially useful in Ice-pick scars and some Box-car scars.

The concentration of acid used in this technique is very high and as such should only be administered by an experienced medical professional to ensure maximum safety.

What to expect after the TCA CROSS Technique?

  • You need to cleanse the skin gently and apply post-peel creams frequently.
  • Do not scratch, pick or peel off the scabs.
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Use sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • Do not use other acid-based products until the skin has recovered.

Best for:  Ice pick and small Box Scars.

Often combined with eCO2 Fractional Laser

Price: Starts from $350 per session, excluding gst.


3. Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractional Laser Resurfacing for acne scars break up scar tissue and stimulates collagen formation.  This treatment encourages new, healthy skin cells to regenerate and replace the scar tissue.

This reduces the appearance of scars and smoothens the skin.  In the right hands, up to 80-90% improvement in scars can be achieved.

It delivers exceptional, effective results in treating uneven skin texture and depressed acne scars. In contrast to traditional resurfacing lasers, the Fractional eCO2 has revolutionised the treatment of these conditions by reducing downtime to a minimum.

The eCO2 features the patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™) to create Micro-Ablative Columns (MACs) that allows the tissue to maximize heat dissipation between shots.

Most patients will find this procedure highly tolerable.

What to expect after the laser treatment?

  • Do not scratch, pick or peel off the scabs.
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Use sunscreen of at least SPF30.
  • Do not use harsh products till your skin has recovered.

Best for: Recommended to treat depressed acne scars such as Boxcar Scars and Rolling Scars, post-treated Ice Pick Scars, and even Hypertrophic / Keloid Scars.

Price: Starts from $300, excluding gst.


4. Fillers

For wider-based depressed acne scars, fillers can be used to “fill in” the acne scars and even out the skin.

The most popular Dermal Fillers for acne scars are Juvederm.

Fillers are able to improve the appearance of the scars, make the depressed areas less obvious, plus it also improves the texture of your skin. They’re injected under the surface of the skin to help plump up and smooth out depressed scars.

These fillers last up to 1 year.

Short-Term Benefits

The post-procedure downtime is limited to no downtime and the results are immediate.

Long-Term Benefits

This scar filler treatment also helps to stimulate collagen production. This helps to lessen the appearance of the scars eventually and may result in fewer and less aggressive treatments.

Most fillers last between 9 to 12 months+ before they need to be redone.

Best for: Wider boxcar or rolling scars.

Price: from $788, excluding gst


5. Microneedle Radiofrequency

For deeper / rolling scars, a more intense Micro-Needle Radiofrequency treatment can be used. This method of treatment is unique and highly effective for stubborn/ deep acne scars.

Gold-plated ultra-fine needles first smoothly penetrate the deep acne scars before emitting high Radiofrequency energy to break up the scar tissue and stimulate collagen.

It is a great treatment for deep acne scars that requires deeper penetration of energy and a more intense approach.

 Despite being more intensive, downtime is actually still kept to a MINIMAL.

 It’s a safe treatment that works for all skin types.


What to expect after the Microneedle Radiofrequency?

  • Minor side effects include redness, bruising, and inflammation. However, these should clear up within a few days.
  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Avoid alcohol-based and acid-based skin products during the recovery period.

Best for: Deeper depressed acne scars.


Apart from medical treatments, there are some home remedies that can help with reducing Pigmented Acne Scars. However, it is also best to consult a doctor before you start using these products as sometimes it may cause side effects instead of improving the condition.



Home Remedies for Pigmented Acne Scars


1.Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid clears pores, reduces swelling and redness, and exfoliates the skin when applied topically. You can add products with salicylic acid into your daily routine or your skin care specialist may use it for less frequent chemical peels.

It might take a while to see results but do bear in mind that it can also cause dryness or irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to use the product less often or try spot treating


Lactic acid

Lactic acid peels can help to improve the texture, appearance, and pigmentation of the skin and lightened acne scars. In the market, there are countless peels, serums, and ointments with lactic acid, but you can also use diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner or spot treatment thanks to its natural lactic acid.



Topical retinoids are another acne treatment with scar-lightening benefits. In addition to speeding up your skin cell turnover rate and improving your skin’s texture, retinoids can also help reduce discoloration.

However, they may also make your skin especially sensitive to the sun. Always wear sunscreen daily when using anything that contains retinoids.

You can find creams and serums with retinoids over the counter, but your healthcare provider can also prescribe you higher concentrations. Look for products that list retinol as one of the active ingredients.



It’s not the end of the world if you have Acne Scars. There are home remedies and medical treatments which can help to reduce the appearance and improve your skin texture. The key takeaway from this article is to treat Acne Scars as early as possible and by seek professional help early. This is because new and freshly formed Acne Scars generally react best to treatments so seeking help early is much advised.

Here at M-Aesthetic Clinic, we understand how Acne Scars can affect a person’s confidence and psychological well-being. Dr Ho Rui Ming goes the extra mile during the consultation to not only assess the skin condition but to also understand each patient’s lifestyle and customise a treatment plan for them.

Dr Ho believes that no Acne Scar is the same, and every scar is unique, hence a one-off treatment will not work but instead requires careful planning and execution.

If you are facing Acne Scar issues and are struggling with them, do talk to us so that we can assist you in overcoming this condition together.



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