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Are there ways that you can make your hair grow faster? Does applying products, eating supplements or doing treatments help?

In this article, we will be discussing how to accelerate hair growth, or if not how to thicken hair. There are few factors which influences hair growth and there are also necessary steps which you need to improve the growth of your hair.



How does hair grow?

An average adult has an approximate 5 million hair follicles, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Out of it, 100,000 follicles are on your scalp and it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. Not all hair follicles are in action at the same time. Follicles on the scalp, for example, will grow hair for a few years before becoming inactive for a period. This inactive part of the hair growth cycle is called telogen.

Hair only grows 1/2 inch (1.2cm) every month, and that is provided your hair is healthy and do not have any split ends or fall out.


Factors affecting hair growth

Males, for example, may experience a faster growth than females. Other things that influence the speed of hair growth include genetics, age, health, and pregnancy.

The main purpose of hair is to protect the body and keep it warm. Hair does not grow on lips, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet.


Factors include:

Genetics: A person’s genes will dictate how quickly their hair will grow.

Sex: Male hair grows faster than female hair.

Age: Hair grows fastest between the ages of 15 and 30, before slowing down. Some follicles stop working altogether as people get older. This is why some people get thinner hair or go bald.

Nutrition: Good nutrition is essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.


Effective methods to promote healthy hair

Here are effective ways that may help your hair grow faster and stronger.


 1. Proper nutrition

Incorporating proper nutrition in your diet is important for healthy hair growth. Hair needs protein from your body to grow. Suggested food that helps hair growth are:

Fish: Containing essential omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12, and iron, all of which prevent a dry scalp and stop hair from looking dull in colour.

Dark green vegetables: These contain high levels of vitamin A and C, which help keep hair in good condition.

Legumes: These are full of protein, which promotes hair growth and helps prevent weak and brittle hair.

Biotin: A biotin deficiency can lead to brittle hair or hair loss. Whole grains, liver, egg yolk, soy flour, and yeast all contain biotin.

Nuts: These are a good source of selenium, which is important for a healthy scalp. Some nuts also contain alpha-linoleic acid and zinc. These help condition the hair and prevent shedding.

Low fat dairy products: These are good sources of calcium, which is another key component in hair growth.


 2. UV Protection

When you need to step outside or be outdoors for long, wear a cap to protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage your scalp and cause dryness in your hair if it is exposed for a long period of time. Damaged scalp will cause hair follicles to be damaged and hair to fall, and may not regrow.

 3. Hair Treatments

From a medical point of view, hair treatments do help in promoting hair growth, thicken existing hair and reducing hair fall.

At M-Aesthetic Clinic, we offer a wide range of hair loss treatments in our Singapore Clinic. The most popular hair loss treatment is Regenera Activa.



Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa is an effective non-surgical method that is now available to restore hair.  Regenera Activa is one of the latest US FDA approved procedure backed by years of research that uses autologous micrografts obtained from your own self. This procedure from Spain helps to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and thicken/strengthen existing hair follicles.

This procedure combats hair loss, helps the patient to regain volume and strengthen existing hair follicles.

Grafts containing hair stimulating growth factors are obtained from the back of your head.  The precision-engineered Regenera Activa device divides the Grafts into smaller, more absorbable portions called ‘micrografts’ into a suspension solution.

These Micrografts are rich in nutrients and growth factors that can stimulate the hair follicles to regrow, thicken and multiply.

Regenera Activa reverses ‘miniaturizing’ of the hair follicles that are affected by DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) and Genetics. Our team will then prepare the micrografts to be reintroduced to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss.


The Micrografts go to work immediately to reactivate weakened hair follicles by increasing the work rate of these follicles and stimulate new blood vessel formation to nourish these hair follicles that are now working harder.

Walkthrough of the procedure

Step 1: 2.5mm small samples of the scalp (ie. Grafts) are harvested painlessly from the back of the scalp.  These grafts contain the progenitor cells and growth factors that promote hair growth and thickness.


Step 2: Regenera Activa device further divides them into smaller, more absorbable portions called ‘micrografts’.  The end-product is a solution containing hundreds and thousands of these micrografts that are rich in progenitor cells and growth factors.


Step 3: The micrografts are then reintroduced to areas of the scalp that are experiencing hair loss. The entire process takes around 45 minutes.



Any precautions to take note of right after the treatment

Avoid exercise for a week, keep the area clean and the washing of the scalp/hair should only be commenced after 24 hours post-procedure.

 4. Hair Supplements

Apart from having a good diet, there are hair supplements that help to nourish thinning hair, strengthen existing hair and prevent hair fall.


Viviscal PRO is one of the famous hair growth supplement which is recognised worldwide. It is a 100% drug-free supplement for anyone who wants thicker, fuller and more beautiful hair. Viviscal  PRO hair growth supplement nourishes hair with the proprietary AminoMar C™ marine complex, plus a blend of vital nutrients – including Biotin, Vitamin C and Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin B-2) – that nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within.


5. Proper Hair Care

Just like our face, it is recommended to apply hair tonic to our scalp after shower. Hair tonic contains nutrients that our scalp needs and direct application will benefit in terms of preventing hair fall, accelerating hair growth and strengthening it.

Hair Tonic

The Advanced Hair Growth Booster is specially formulated by Dr Ho Rui Ming, where it contains Finasteride (5%) and Minoxidil (5%) to combat hair loss, stabilises and boost hair growth.


6. Medication

If you are losing hair rapidly and noticing that hair growth is slow, medication will help to overcome this problem. A common medication is known as Finasteride, a prescription drug. It comes as an oral tablet.


Hair Loss Treatment

Finasteride works by decreasing the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body. The decrease in DHT leads to increased hair growth and decreased hair loss of the hair on your head. Hair growth on other parts of the body isn’t affected.

However, it may bring side effects and this include:

  • decreased sex drive
  • trouble getting or keeping an erection
  • ejaculation disorder

There has been research and it is reported that effects will be different from every individual. As the consumption concentration and amount is very little, most cases have very mild to no symptoms. If the side effects are severe and prolonged, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.



In a nutshell, a combined effort from different pathways – hair treatments, proper nutrition, supplements and medications will help to increase hair growth and combat hair loss.

Should you be facing hair loss issues, start early by sending us a message to arrange for the earliest consultation.


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