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Dr Ho Rui Ming is currently the Medical Director of M Aesthetic Clinic.  He graduated from medical school in Australia before furthering his studies in London.  He completed his Masters degree in Clinical Dermatology from the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology, King’s College, London with his thesis on lasers and its practical applications to Dermatology and the larger Aesthetics field.

The V-Shape Face

“Many people think that aesthetic procedures cause drastic changes in their facial features.  Our aesthetic treatments target specific facial muscles or fat, the bone structure of the face is not altered.  I work on the principle of first recognising each patient’s natural facial structure, before improving on these features with a combination of treatments.  The V-Shape face is desired for its elegance.  Botox may be used to shrink the jaw muscles to slim the face.  To complete the “V” shape, the chin is made to look sharper via the administration of fillers.  These procedures are quick and have minimal downtime.” says Dr Ho.

Novel Approach to Combat Sagging

Although aesthetic medicine is a fairly new branch of medicine, there is an increasing amount of scientific research done to back up such treatments.  Throughout the year, Dr Ho participates in conferences locally and internationally to hone his skills and to bring back what he considers the best treatments for his patients.  Threadlifting is another method that has been gaining popularity to combat the signs of sagging.  “Threads are inserted into the skin to tighten and lift it.  My combination of different types of threads and techniques maximises these results.” adds Dr Ho who was trained by the internationally renowned Dr Kwon Han Jin, founder of the Ultra V-Lift threads and Dermaster chain of clinics in Korea.

On ageing gracefully

Dr Ho said: “The media is full of celebrities who do not look their age.  Celebrities aside, how does the common woman grapple with the concept of aging gracefully?  This can mean different things to different people.  Ageing gracefully doesn’t mean you have to like your wrinkles.  To me, it is being able to do what you think is necessary for you to waltz through your older years with confidence.  Helping my patients achieve their fitness and aesthetic goals are one example.  Sometimes, a non-invasive laser based treatment to combat pigmentation and to improve the skin texture may be all that is needed for that additional boost of confidence.”

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