Face Treatments

Korean Face Thread Lift

Tighten, lift and firm skin with thread lifts.

Korean Nose Thread Lift

Enhance and augment nose bridge & tip with thread lifts.

Silhouette Soft Thread

Regain youth by tightening skin with Silhouette Soft Thread.

V Shape Face Slimming

Achieve the desired V-shaped Face for an elegant, rejuvenated look.

HIFU Treatment

Powerful lifting, tightening effect while target stubborn pockets of fat.

Jawline Sculpting

Achieve a defined jawline for a rejuvenated, youthful look.

Non-surgical Jaw Slimming

Slim and relax jaw muscles for a slimmer V-shaped face.

Wrinkles Treatment

Relax and shrink muscles and reduce appearance of wrinkles for a youthful look.

Dermal Fillers

Replace loss volume and augment facial features.

Nose Filler

Achieve a better nose profile by augmenting nose bridge and tip using fillers.

Chin Fillers

Augmenting the chin and helps to achieve a slimmer face.

Cheek Fillers

Replace loss volume in the cheek for a youthful look.

Lip Filler

Adding volume and increase hydration in the lips for a youthful look.

Laugh Lines Fillers

Reduce the appearance of the marionette lines by replacing loss volume.

Eye Bags / Dark Eye Circles

Reduce eye bags / dark eye circles for a youthful look.

Non-invasive Brow Lift

Reverse signs of aging with non-invasive brow lift.

Non-invasive Neck Lifting

Reduce saggy lines and wrinkles with non-invasive neck lift.

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