Eye Bag Removal with Eye Bag Fillers and Tear Trough Filler

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Get That Youthful Look with Dark Eye Circles and Eye Bags Treatment in one of Singapore’s leading clinics

Most people have them, but almost no one knows how to get rid of them…. Until now. A Tear Trough is a depression or groove under the eyes that often makes a person look tired and older.  It is usually more prominent at areas nearer the nose region and is a major cause of large/prominent eye bags and dark circles!

Another reason for this problem is that in some individuals, the under-eye muscle is thick and prominent thereby giving the appearance of large eye bags.  This can be easily remedied and addressed by the careful administration of Botox into this muscle.


What options are available for eye bags treatment?


By using eye bag Fillers in this area, volume is restored and the lines and depressions formed from the tear trough are smoothed.  This improves the appearance of the prominent eye bags and gives a person a more youthful look.

In terms of improvement, one can expect up to 80% improvement in just a single session!

Effects are seen IMMEDIATELY and minimal downtime is required.  In addition, dark circles can also be lightened, thus, killing two birds with one stone. 


Venus Viva Radiofrequency

With the Venus Viva, loose skin under the eyes can be tightened, firmed and new collagen can be stimulated.  This improves the eye bags and makes it less saggy and prominent.

Numbing cream will be applied before the procedure so as to make it as comfortable as possible.

It is a quick procedure that takes around 15 minutes, is performed in our Singapore clinics and has minimal downtime.


What causes dark eye circles?

There are several reasons that contribute to the formation of these circles and by addressing these causes with dark eye circle treatment, you can get rid of your troubling under eye circles and regain a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance!


1)  Pigmentation:

Pigmentation around the eyes can be treated with several options including our proprietary unique topical creams and pigment-specific lasers.

2)  Tear trough:

The tear trough contributes to dark eye circles because of the shadow that is cast around the eyes when light is shone on the face.  By treating it with tear trough filler (see above), these areas can be improved to regain that youthful look!

3)  Wrinkles:

Wrinkles contribute to dark eye circles because of the shadowing that it causes around the eyes.  This can be treated by different modalities such as the Venus Viva Radiofrequency and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

4)  Congestion of the sinuses:

Congested sinuses can cause dark eye circles but this is usually easily treated with medications.

5)  Sluggish blood circulation:

Sluggish blood circulation around the eyes contributes to dark eye rings.  Blood flow around the eyes can be improved with our unique topical eye cream, eye massages to aid circulation and by leading a healthy lifestyle (sufficient sleep/regular exercise/no smoking)!


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