Specializations within the medical and cosmetic fields can make it difficult to know quite which specialists do what. There are vast differences between the three occupations of aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons, but patients still frequently assume that they do the same thing or confuse one for another.

In terms of cosmetic procedures, more and more individuals turn to aesthetic doctors for a less invasive, gentler process toward youthful rejuvenation. These specialists allow for the same result without the need for expensive and invasive surgical procedures.

Plastic Surgeons

When looking for a permanent change in your look, you may initially think to contact a plastic surgeon. In this case, they would be able to provide for you a variety of reconstructive surgeries.

These reconstructive surgeries can be medically recommended after an accident or injury in order to aid with functionality, but they can also be purely cosmetic. The purely cosmetic surgeries include nose jobs, face-lifts, liposuction, and breast enhancements.

A plastic surgeon has to attend medical school as a general surgeon before specializing in plastic surgery, as well as seek approval for specific practices and procedures through the Health Ministry in Singapore.


In contrast to a plastic surgeon, dermatologists specialize specifically in the skin  like acne scar removal treatment in Singapore and all properties of treating the skin rather than just surgical procedures. Those with skin diseases would be recommended to visit a dermatologist for consultation and treatment.

In addition to simply seeking treatment for a skin disease, many turn to dermatologists for cosmetic advising and treatment as well. These specialists are sometimes able to offer services like dermal fillers for purely cosmetic purposes, despite the patient perhaps not having a medical need for this.

Aesthetic Doctors

Individuals who turn to this specialist often have them confused with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. This type of doctor can often operate as a general practitioner simultaneously while working as an aesthetic doctor, but many opt to isolate their practice to one or the other.

aesthetic doctor

Aestheticians can also offer assistance with skin disease treatment, as these conditions can be related to other procedures they may be doing. This means that these specialists offer some of the greatest variety in terms of procedures and practices offered.

Aesthetic doctors (like Dr. Ho Rui Ming) are one of the most innovative fields in terms of cosmetic treatments and surgeries, and offer less risky and invasive practices so that clients can improve their look without the medical and financial costs of visiting a surgeon.

Advantages of Going to an Aesthetic Doctor

The difference between aesthetic doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons can be made simple by the fact that aesthetic doctors offer the widest range of non-invasive procedures and practices. This allows for them to offer safe cosmetic procedures at low risk and low cost for clients.

By offering non-invasive or minimally-invasive services like botox  injection, face slimming, dermal fillers, lasers, and chemical peels, aesthetic medical clinics can help clients to look and feel younger and more rejuvenated without having to go through costly and invasive surgeries.

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