Non-surgical and Immediate Chin Augmentation with Chin Fillers 

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Find Your Confidence with our Chin Filler Treatment at our Singapore Clinics

Chin augmentation gives the face a more pronounced V-shape that is much desired. Such an effect is achieved by injecting the chin with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Careful placement of chin fillers can also protrude the chin forward to give the face a more dynamic look. The procedure is NON-SURGICAL, results are IMMEDIATE, and the whole profile of your face will be changed.

“One of the most important part of the face that is often over-looked is the chin…” – Dr Ho Rui Ming

The chin may often not be the first part of your face that you take notice of but in actuality does make a huge difference to the overall contour of the face. By enhancing the chin, the face will look slimmer and the much sought after V Shape Face can be made more complete.

What chin fillers are used?

Chin fillers made up of Hyaluronic Acid are used by Dr Ho Rui Ming because of its excellent safety profile.

Who should consider this chin enhancement procedure?

What are the advantages of getting chin filler augmentation?

  • IMMEDIATE results
  • Quick
  • Minimal to NO downtime
  • Get a V Shape Face
  • Improves the contour of your face

Is the procedure the same for everyone?

As much as the chin is a small part of your face, it actually has up to 8 areas that can be enhanced and augmented. A consult with our Singapore medical professional, Dr Ho Rui Ming, will first be done to determine the areas of the chin that needs to be improved.

“Sometimes, it is not just about the elongation but the creation of a 3-Dimensional chin that is well balanced…” – Dr Ho Rui Ming

What is the procedure like?

Topical/ local anaesthesia is first administered to the chin area that will be filled so as to ensure maximum comfort; the filler is then administered via an entry point.

Are there any side effects to chin fillers?

Common side effects are usually limited to the point of filler injection such as redness and slight swelling that typically resolve in a couple of days.

Video link:  Chin Fillers by Dr Ho Rui Ming

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