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Male or female, everyone deserves a perfectly defined jaw and the attractiveness that always comes with one. However, not all of us are blessed with it at birth. But not to worry, with chin augmentation, you can improve the contour of your jawline to give you a strong and incredible facial finish. Unlike regular facelifts and facial enhancement procedures that are mostly restricted to those in younger age brackets, chin augmentation can be done on just about anyone.

For those who are afraid of plastic surgery, we understand that the thought of having a synthetic material implanted into your body may sometimes be a bit scary. However, chin augmentation through plastic surgery is one of the safest surgery procedures in the world of medical science. The surgery promises a short chin implant recovery time with little or no side effects.

But it gets even better; you can still have that balanced chin profile you crave for even without surgery. Non-surgical chin augmentation procedures can help you get that. At M Aesthetic Clinic, an aesthetic clinic based in Singapore, we specialize in delivering safe and non-surgical chin augmentation with injectable fillers to enhance your jaw profile.

chin augmentation recovery

Chin Augmentation Types

There are two major chin augmentation types: the surgical chin augmentation and the non-surgical chin augmentation. Both are briefly described below.

1. Surgical Chin Augmentation

This is a surgical procedure that places a synthetic chin implant on the existing chin bone to alter and enhance the overall appearance of the chin. When done properly, this will permanently augment a recessed chin or a weak one. The surgeon studies the size and shape of the jaw and design an implant to balance the contour. Anesthesia is usually used to muff the pain while an incision is cut to introduce the implant. The entire procedure should take about an hour to complete and is considered to be quite safe.

Of the two different types of chin augmentation, this happens to be the more patronized method. It offers a rather permanent solution and leaves a natural finish, so it’s almost impossible to observe that an implant or chin augmentation has been done on your chin.

2. Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

On the other hand, the non-surgical chin augmentation is employed to achieve similar results without an actual surgery. This is made possible using injectable fillers like calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, among other fillers. This eliminates the fear and risk of the surgical method but only offers a temporary result that could last for over a few years. This procedure is not only more cost effective and also less time consuming. It can be completed in less than 20 minutes and has a shorter recovery time.

Our specialists at M Aesthetic Clinic highly recommend the use of hyaluronic acid over other injectable fillers. We work with trained professionals who are experienced and dedicated to the science.


The Chin Augmentation Recovery Process

Surgical Chin Implant Recovery

Swelling and bruising are common experiences soon after a typical surgical chin augmentation. But the chin implant recovery time is pretty short, and the risk of a side effect is slim. Although we understand and have observed that no two different patients are the same, we normally recommend two weeks off work recovery time to our patients. But of course, the results can be observed immediately after the surgery.

The two weeks are to provide enough healing and recovery time for you to bounce back to your normal life. During these two weeks, the soreness and discomfort will reduce gradually until they eventually ebb out. Painkillers and pain relievers can be taken with the doctor’s discretion to muff the soreness.

Non-Surgical Chin Filler Recovery

Even with the non-surgical chin augmentation process, it is not unusual to observe slight bruises or swelling area in the chin, especially at the spot where the injection was administered. However, you can go back to your normal routine in just a few hours after the treatment, and within three days the bruises and soreness will be gone. That’s how short the chin filler recovery time is!

On top of that, you’re good to go in less than an hour after the augmentation session. The results are almost immediate too. Soon after the swellings ease out, your chin gets beautifully redefined and your overall facial appearance is fabulously improved.


To-Dos for your Chin Augmentation Recovery

  1. Visit your surgeon or aesthetician regularly for check-ups and medical advice. Although the chances of anything going wrong are really slim, consistent visits will allow the surgeon or aesthetician to monitor the development to ensure nothing goes wrong.
  2. Gently hold a cold compress bag on the affected areas to reduce the swelling.
  3. Maintain an adequate and balanced diet, and avoid skipping meals. Your body will need all the nutrients it can possibly get from the food to rejuvenate and heal quicker during the chin augmentation recovery period.
  4. Do some walking and avoid lying or staying on the bed for too long. This helps to circulate your blood and hence, reduce the swelling. During this period, you should not engage in strenuous activities.


Not-To-Dos for your Chin Augmentation Recovery

  1. Cut down on your alcoholic intake. During the first week, you should stay away from drinking until your doctor approves it.
  2. Avoid using hot tubs. Cold or lukewarm water is most recommended so as not to affect the recovery.
  3. Keep away from strenuous and contact exercises. Such exercises might bruise the chin while it is still healing.
  4. Avoid swimming during the chin augmentation recovery period.
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun for a month. If your job or normal routine involves constant exposure to the sun, be sure to use a good sunscreen with at least SPF 15.
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