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losing fat while lying down

Weight loss in today’s context is easy and effortless, thanks to the advancement of technology and innovations made by experts all around the world. Dieting is of course the key, but it may be difficult and tricky as it depletes the energy and nutrients in the body, often leaving one looking very tired and unhealthy. It is also very common to have stubborn fat deposited in certain areas and it refuses to be shed no matter how hard we try.

But fret no more, as there are many body slimming treatment options now in the market, using different kinds of technology to burn fats, tone and sculpt our body.

The body slimming treatment that can burn fats, without pain or a drop of sweat is the latest non-invasive fat reduction treatment by Cutera™ – TruSculpt ID Body Slimming Treatment.

So is it possible to burn fats just by lying down ? YES, with TruSculpt Body Sliming Treatment.

The Trusculpt ID personalises treatment areas that require fat reduction and targets pockets of fat in stubborn areas, reducing it up to 24%, with just 1 session.


What is Trusculpt ID?

shed fat just by lying down

Trusculpt ID is the latest non-invasive body sculpting device from Cutera that brings personalised body sculpting to the next level.

It uses a powerful 2Mhz Monopolar RF that features real time temperature control enhancing patient safety and comfort and at the same time providing clinically proven results.

Trusculpt ID is armed with 7 fat-busting probes and is able to target larger surface areas and previously hard to reach areas of the body and double chin.


2.Thighs / Legs

3.Tummy / Waist / Love Handles

4.Stubborn Double Chin



2.Thighs / Legs

3.Tummy / Waist / Love Handles

4.Stubborn Double Chin


How does TruSculpt ID work?

In 1 session of 15 minutes, fat cells are heated using Cutera’s™ patented monopolar radiofrequency technology until they are destroyed and naturally eliminated by our body. According to research, there is an average of 24% fat reduction after just one treatment session.

Multiple body areas can be simultaneously treated thanks to the system’s versatility. It also features Real-Time Temperature Control for clinically proven results, safety, and patient experience.

The TruSculpt ID delivers optimum heat to the entire fat layer to destroy the fat cells whilst maintaining a comfortable skin temperature – optimizing clinical efficacy and maintaining maximum patient comfort.


M Aesthetic shed fat treatment

Cutera ™ patented 2 MHz Monopolar RF:  Low frequency and uniform delivery of RF technology, penetrates deep to treat the entire fat layers.

M Aesthetic shed fat solution


Real-Time Temperature Control:  Skin temperature is continuously monitored and energy delivery is automatically adjusted to reach and maintain a therapeutic and optimal temperature of >45ºC for fat destruction, while maintaining 3-4ºC cooler than usual skin temperature for patient comfort.

M aesthetic body sculpting treatment

12 Weeks After truSculpt iD Treatment:  Average of 24% fat reduction 

M aesthetic clinic body sculpting treatment

Fat-Heat Selectivity: Optimized energy delivery and heating enhances selective apoptosis/destruction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

M Aesthetic slimming sculpting treatment


An average of 24% fat cells are irreversibly damaged and excreted from body after the treatment. 


TruSculpt ID is clinical proven to cause inflammation and fat necrosis from beneath the dermis down to 1.5 cm in depth. The histological findings are complemented by clinical studies which show an average 24% fat reduction as measured by ultrasound.

What makes TruSculpt ID better than other body slimming treatments?

body sculpting treatment singapore

TruSculpt ID offers a unique and personalised approach to improve body contouring and definition. Unlike other devices, there is no placement limitation, it is easy to set up, and fast to treat. This makes them one of the best non-invasive fat reduction treatment that you can find in Singapore.


-Unique approach to treat skin with laxity

Apart from sculpting the area and burning fats, the radiofrequency energy helps to firm up and tighten loose skin.


-Sculpt challenging areas and hard to reach areas

Areas such as double chin, and underarms can be treated effectively with the versatile probes.


-Allow simultaneous treatments at the same time.

Patients which different areas of concern such as double chin and love handles can be treated at the same time. This helps to save time.

 -No downtime and minimal discomfort.

The treatment is comfortable, like a hot-stone massage and there is no downtime after, which means patients can return back to their daily lifestyle immediately.


When can one see results?

Results are visible after just one treatment, as early as the 4th-week post-treatment with maximum results of 24% fat reduction.


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It is possible to burn up to 24% of fats just by lying down, thanks to TruSculpt ID Body Sliming Treatment.

Although the fat destroyed is permanently eliminated from the body, one will still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the desired shape.


For more information on how the Trusculpt iD, contact us for an appointment so that Dr Ho Rui Ming can bring you through the journey of explaining how the TruSculpt iD can be personalised and what results to expect.


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