Botox is one of the most common aesthetic procedures carried out worldwide.  Despite its long history, much of it is still not known to the public thereby causing common misconceptions with regards to Botox.

For this blog entry, we shall review a case study that addresses:

  1.  Can Botox really slow down the signs of ageing with continued use?
  2. Are there any obvious clinical benefits with long term Botox use?
  3. Are there any harmful side effects to the body with the long term usage of Botox?

Case Study from the international journal Arch Facial Plast Surg 2006:

  • 2 identical twins were evaluated in this study after a duration of 13 years
  • 1 twin received 2 – 3 treatments of Botox per year for 13 years
  • The other twin only received Botox twice:  Once 7 years before evaluation and another time 3 years before evaluation
  • Areas that were evaluated were:  Forehead wrinkles, frown lines and Crow’s Feet.

Let us now review the pictures that were taken after the study.

Twin 1                                                             Twin 2

Note:  Twin 1 is visibly more aged than Twin 2 with more obvious forehead wrinkles and frown lines.

Twin 1                                                              Twin 2

Note:  Closer up shot of more obvious forehead wrinkles and frown lines in Twin 1.

Twin 1:  Forehead wrinkles oblique view             Twin 2:  Forehead wrinkles oblique view

Twin 1:  Forehead wrinkles oblique view             Twin 2:  Forehead wrinkles oblique view

Twin 1                                                             Twin 2

Note:  More obvious Crow’s feet in Twin 1 than in Twin 2.


Having reviewed this case study, it can be seen that:

1)  Botox does reduce the signs of ageing when used on a regular basis.

2)  Botox does have significant clinical benefits even when used over long periods of time.

3)  NIL adverse side effects were reported in this study.


Another question that is commonly asked is:

“Can’t I wait till I develop static wrinkles (wrinkles that are seen at rest) before I start to use Botox?”

The answer to that is Botox may improve these static wrinkles but its effectiveness will definitely not be as great as when Botox is used before the development of these deep stubborn static wrinkles.  Nevertheless, Botox will still be employed to help prevent further deepening of these static wrinkles.  Additionally, other treatment modalities such asFillers/ Radiofrequency may have to be employed to further improve these static wrinkles.

In conclusion, Botox does help prevent the signs of ageing and its effects are significant with a good safety profile.


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