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botox jaw reduction

Get the Look You Love with Botox Jaw Face Slimming in Singapore

A slim jawline has long been perceived as the hallmark of elegance and beauty.  This is especially so in recent times where KPOP idols have long been the envy of many because of their slender jawlines.  In order to achieve a slimmer jawline, many has associated such treatments with plastic surgery.  However, with botox jaw face slimming, we can now achieve a slimmer face without the risks and downtime of surgery.

However, if you are looking for a NON-SURGICAL option to achieve a slimmer jawline, we have the treatment of choice for you: BOTOX.

Why do some people have a wide jaw?

There are a number of reasons for having a wide jaw but most commonly, it is because of a thick jaw muscle called the Masseter.  This muscle is located at the back of the jaw where it is widest and gives our face a square-ish look.  Therefore, in order to obtain a slimmer jawline, we would have to reduce the size and bulk of this thick muscle.

botox jaw face slimming

(Masseter muscle highlighted)

How do we reduce the size of this thick jaw muscle?

The answer is BOTOX!  Botox is able to shrink this muscle thereby slimming the width of the jaw.  Over time, there is also remodelling of the jaw bone that further enhances this jaw-slimming effect.

Who is suitable for this treatment/ Botox jaw face slimming?

Our Singapore medical professionals are able to perform this procedure on anyone who has:

  1. Wide, square-ish jaw
  2. Looking to achieve a V Shape and slimmer jaw line
  3. Looking for a relatively painless jaw reduction

When will I see results and how long will they last?

Results can be seen as early as 4 – 6 weeks after the administration of Botox!

Results can last up to 6 – 8 months!  With the improvement of the jawline over time, all you may need is just 1 touch up of Botox per year.

Is the procedure painful?  How long will it take?

A strong numbing cream will first be applied to ensure maximum comfort before Botox is administered into the target muscle.  It is a relatively comfortable procedure that takes less than 5 minutes!

Is the procedure safe and are there any side effects?

There are other muscles that are closely related in the area as well as other structures such as the parotid duct that should be avoided.  When performed by a trained medical professional, it is a very safe procedure.

Common side effects of botox jaw reduction are related to the points of injection such as redness and slight swelling that typically resolves in a few days or less.

Watch on youtube: Botox Jaw Slimming by Dr Ho Rui Ming

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